Google Optimize

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a tool created specifically for people operating various types of websites. It allows checking which elements of the site arouse most interest in visitors, what the traffic at a given site looks like, and which elements need improvement to make the site as approachable and user-friendly as possible.

It often happens that a visitor ditches the basket or becomes irritated and leaves the site. With Optimize tool from Google, you can check at what moments such unfortunate events take place. Research has shown that sometimes, in spite of a correctly carried out advertising campaign and promotion of a website on the Internet (e.g. using AdWords), a drop in sales may be caused by improperly structured website. This effect can often be seen in sites revamped by their owners. Optimize identifies those elements which make users leave the site, and also suggests steps to take to get rid of such defects.

The most important feature of Optimize is the fact that it originates from Google Analytics and is its integral part. However, attention should be paid to the correct integration of this tool with websites, because incomplete implementation of scripts may cause incorrect data and statistics. With Optimize tool, one can run basic A/B tests without the need to engage a team of qualified specialists, which saves plenty of time and allows taking quick decisions, e.g. concerning the colours of significant links on the website. Such a test carried out without human participation can also be helpful in comparing various versions of the site and assessment of its efficiency. Google Optimize also allows quick editing of HTML source code and inserting JavaScript or CSS rules / tags.

In order to use the tool to optimise websites, one has to (also, it is worth knowing that Google tools offer best effects when working under one e-mail address):

  • Create a Google account
  • Create a Google Analytics account
  • Have a Tag Manager
  • Have an up-to-date version of Google Chrome Browser
  • Install Google Optimize plug for Chrome
  • Create an account on Google Optimize (

Then, in order to learn, one can use the Google Optimize tutorial and run the right tests. You can choose from A/B, Multivariate and Redirect test. Then, it is worth being able to read test results and to introduce changes in the right editor.

Finally, it needs to be added that so far, in terms of functionality and complexity, Google Optimize is not capable of getting ahead of tools such as Marketizator or Optimizely, but undoubtedly its clear interface, quick operation and accuracy of generated results is impressive, and when combined with other tools from the Silicon Valley Giant, one can obtain even better results than when using applications intended for the same.

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