Content marketing — 2018 trends

The new year means new challenges for e-marketing and increased awareness of content marketing benefits. And it is content marketing that offers a huge potential and a change to make it through information noise. See what is worth betting on this year.

Voice search

Over a half of Internet users are those using mobile devices. The effect is a growing popularity of voice search. This gives hopes for longer search phrases facilitated by the ease of pronouncing words. This, in turn, allows using long tail phrases. Of course, as increased traffic from mobile devices is anticipated, websites need to be adjusted to mobile requirements.

Content video and live streaming

Surely, we are bound to see further increase in popularity of video and live streaming. More and more users prefer watching to reading, and that is why preparing content in this very form is most desirable. Also, the preparation of live streaming is one of the cheapest ways to promote a brand, and is available to virtually anybody. Speaking of videos, the potential of YouTube needs to be mentioned. It should be seen not only as a social media channel, but also as an effective search engine, which makes it worthwhile to have a look at the principles of content positioning not only on Google, but on YouTube, too.

Multi-channel action

Effective use of content in marketing strategy requires multi-faceted actions utilising various access channels. By planning consistent actions, chances for success and efficient distribution of content increase. It is also worth using various types of content so that users receive not only written text, but also the said videos and live streams, and e-books, infographics, webinars, gifographics, etc. Equally important is the creation of ever-green content, which never goes out-of-date and can be used in various forms.

Content meaning

When undertaking marketing actions, one should remember that the priority is to create not a large amount of content, but content which will be significant and useful to users. Therefore, the overarching principle is quality, not quantity. Only this way are we able to achieve maximum success with minimum financial expenditure.

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